How can I turn off/On Categories I am interested or Not interested in?

in the settings on the bottom of the app you will find the buttons for turning on and off categories. You willalso Find a slider at the top where you can adjust your radius of finding events.


When I post an event it either closes or generates an address problem. (this will be addressed in next update but not a Frequent issue)

Usually this is caused by a Bad address or a not know address and cannot be verified. Try putting your address in Google to see what that finds. Since our system uses google foraddress verification your address MUST show up here. otherwise there is no way to map your location to get people to visit your event. we have noticed this when a town has changed the zip code or town name and google has not updated their system just yet. If all else fails give us a shout and we will help you through it.

ALL Fields Must be filled in correctly!

I don’t see my event published right away, why?

This is because all events go into our pending status until we review events. this is done on a frequent daily basis. we do this to keep inappropriate events off of the app. Remember this app is for ALL ages.

It is Taking a long time to populate the events page:

Go into settings and adjust your slider down in radius. With this app we have tens of thousand’s of events. if you have your slider too far out say past 100 miles it will try to loadmany events. so give it a minute if you  still would like that distance.

Can we share the event?

yes when you open your events page and click on an event there is a share option within the event. feel free to text/email/or share on Facebook with your friend’s. .in the same section you will see a place you can click on to open in your map so you have directions to the event.


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